Specializing in shelter accessories for civil defense shelters and Explosion Protection for Munition Bunkers and Oil Refineries


ANDAIR USA is the United States distributor for Andair AG located in Andelfingen Switzerland. Our company provides ventilation systems, blast valves, air filtration systems, and chemical biological protection for homes, corporate, military, oil refineries and government facilities.

ANDAIR AG is recognized worldwide as the premier supplier of shelter technology. Andair produces their products in their own factory in Andelfingen, Switzerland, following the rigid specifications established by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense and, the Swiss Defense Technology and Procurement Agency.

About Paul & Sharon

Sharon and Paul also own the company Utah Shelter Systems, which manufactures and equips multi-hazard home and corporate shelters. Our company also offers consultation in the production of concrete shelters and the refurbishing and updating of existing shelters.

Paul is a graduate of the Missouri Military Academy and attended the New Mexico Military Institute. Pau and Sharon attended classes at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Pennsylvania and studied shelter design and construction in Switzerland.  They have lectured widely throughout Utah and the United States. They have given lectures at the Brigham Young University, and Sharon taught a National Securities Affairs class in 1993 at the University of Utah. Paul had 25-years’ experience working in a local aerospace firm. Paul and his wife, Carolyn, reside in Salt Lake City and are the parents of 4 children.

Sharon graduated with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering in 1993 from the University of Utah. She also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education with a major in mathematics and a minor in physics.  Sharon and Paul are advisors to ‘The American Civil Defense Association' (TACDA). Sharon and Paul are both regular contributors to the Journal of Civil Defense, which is a national magazine produced by ‘TACDA’.  Sharon and her deceased husband, Edson, are the parents of 6 children.  

Paul and Sharon are the founders of the non-profit organization, Civil Defense Volunteers of Utah (CDVU).  It was founded in 1987 and they have been helping to teach civil defense skills to the general public, through this organization for nearly 20 years.  This organization, now under the direction of the current president, Jay Whimpey, holds monthly meetings free of charge to the public at the City and County building in Salt Lake City, where they teach nuclear weapons effects, winter survival, first aid, shelter building techniques, and many other subjects pertaining to preparedness. For more information on establishing civil defense volunteer groups, contact ‘The American Civil Defense Organization’ (TACDA) at telephone: (800)-425-5397

Shelter Design

Contact ANDAIR or Utah Shelter Systems, Inc for full spectrum shelter design of corrugated steel and concrete shelters (Architectural Drawings and Civil Engineering are outsourced to team members).

Build Your Own Shelter
Utah Shelter Systems will guide you in building your own corrugated steel pipe shelters. Utah Shelter Systems will provide the basic steel pipe with end plates and entrances at a minimal cost, with instructions for building the interior. See

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